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About Us - Pittsburgh Appraisal Group is a real estate appraisal firm specializing in residential and commercial appraisals,

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About Us


About Us – the Pittsburgh Appraisal Group is a real estate appraisal firm specializing in residential and commercial appraisals for Individuals, CPA’s, Attorneys’, Financial Planners and others with value questions on Real Estate. Pittsburgh Appraisal Group employs a full-time staff of Pennsylvania certified appraisers located throughout the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. With decades of experience in Pennsylvania real estate, each appraiser has extensive experience performing hundreds of appraisals each year and offering quality reports and timely completion.

Being fully computerized today is a given. Pittsburgh Appraisal Group is obviously able to not only print hard copies of our appraisal reports and mail them to our clients but send the same reports electronically. We are what is called EDI COMPATIBLE (ability to send a full appraisal via e-mail or other electronic means) by means of Adobe Acrobat PDF. Over the years we have found electronic distribution of our appraisal files is the most cost effective way for both Pittsburgh Appraisal Group and our clients as well. Especially, when there is more than one person that needs access to the appraisal report. Our appraisers merely send an email with a link to the appraisal and download it from the Pittsburgh Appraisal Group’s web servers.  We are, by far, the most technical agents in the real estate world. By necessity, we as appraisers have been drawn into the digital world at a pace not seen by our colleagues. You can see our enhanced story on our technological abilities.

We here at Pittsburgh Appraisal Group, strive to adhere to the highest standards in quality and ethical policies in the industry. All of our reporting complies with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice,  FIRREA and FNMA/FHLMC along with all applicable state laws.
We understand that for the average home owner and buyer, the Appraisal Process can be confusing. We have outlined this process to help you better understand what exactly is involved. For information on the Appraisal Process click on some frequently asked questions and answers.

Fee Schedule:
Our appraisal fees depend on various different things. Some of the factors could include the size of the dwelling, use of the property i.e., Vacation, hunting/fishing camp and/or commercial usage on the property etc. Quoting a fee without any information regarding the property would not only be irresponsible but would be a disservice to the customer.

We would be glad to discuss the appraisal process more with you and quote you a fee after we acquire more information on the property in question. We can be contacted via the numbers and address below. All information will be held in strict confidence.

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We service the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County markets in Pennsylvania.
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