What is a Pennsylvania Certified Appraiser?

September 21, 2014 by Pittsburgh Appraisal Group

A Pennsylvania Certified Appraiser is only one of four types of appraisers in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Certified Evaluator– Evaluators work with ad valorem tax appraisals by Pennsylvania tax assessors. Pennsylvania Certified Evaluators work primarily with their respective Counties to evaluate homes for tax functions.

Pennsylvania Broker-Appraiser– Offered ONLY before Sept. 3, 1998, and now reserved ONLY for those who held their broker’s license before 9/3/96 and who formally signed up under Pennsylvania Law within that small window of time. Although not allowed to do federally related appraisals for lenders and other Government Sponsored Entities, broker-appraisers may be able to finish appraisals for estates, divorces, private owners, third party companies and other non-federally relevant projects. Pennsylvania Broker-Appraisers can deal with industrial and residential appraisals. Nevertheless, they do not have the training of a Pennsylvania Certified Appraisers and due to this loan providers such as Banks, Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and others will just employ their Certified equivalents for more complex and federally associated transactions. Also, for tax appeals, County assessment boards desire appraisals carried out by Pennsylvania Certified Appraisers along with the courts wanting Certified appraisers as a more standardized and higher quality appraisal report.

Pennsylvania Certified General– These appraisers have met their education and experience prerequisites and passed the general accreditation test. They can now appraise practically all kinds of property: domestic, industrial, both federally related and non-federally related. Pennsylvania Certified General Appraisers work primarily on industrial and commercial appraisals that include rental units of 5 or more in a structure.

Pennsylvania Certified Residential– These appraisers have also fulfilled their education and experience requirements, passed their exam and can appraise all classifications of homes, federally and non-federally related. Pennsylvania Certified Residential Appraisers work primarily on residential appraisals which include single family houses and rentals of 4 or less in a structure.

Pennsylvania Residential Appraisers need to finish the following for certification:.

Education: A candidate will send evidence to the Board of Real Estate Appraisers and having completed 200 classroom hours of courses in topics connected to realty appraisal, consisting of the 15-hour National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Course. Additionally, possession of an associate’s degree, or higher, from a certified college or university is also required.

Experience: In addition to meeting the education requirements, an applicant shall submit evidence to the Board of having completed 2,500 hours of appropriate appraisal experience acquired during no fewer than 24 months. Fifty percent of the experience by a candidate shall be in the actual preparation of property appraisal reports which include a physical inspection of the interior and outside of the subject home.

Pass Pennsylvania State provided Examination.

Pennsylvania State certified residential real estate appraiser. A candidate who has passed an examination from the State of Pennsylvania and who is certified under this section will be deemed to have actually fulfilled the minimum criteria for the certified residential real estate appraiser category adopted by the Appraiser Qualifications Board of the Appraisal Foundation, and shall be qualified to perform residential real estate appraisals in Non-Federally and federally-related associated transactions without regard to value.

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